Help with PSYC for users of the MacOS-based AdiumX client. See also what Help:Contents provides.

Joining MUCs with AdiumX

Joining Multi User Chats with AdiumX is rather simple. All you need is a Jabber account and a current version of AdiumX (it's proved to work with versions > 0.89).

What to enter

Simply type ⇧⌘J and enter these values:


Make sure that your Jabber account is selected in the drop down list at the top.

Without going cross-network

If you don't have a jabber account somewhere, you can use the Jabber access of psyced directly. Put in the server field and allocate your nickname (one that isn't registered already..). Then you can join PSYC rooms in the same way, only the server is called, or wherever else your PSYC room is located according to its uniform.