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See jsPSYC.

the Applet

We have a Java applet that comes with the psyced distribution.

borrowWare webchat

There is also the symlynX webchat. We use it because it's practical and because we dont have to pay for it. And you dont have to pay for using it on either (if your usage is within reason). Hey, you can even put room=psyc://somewhere/@place in the link and whoops users will enter a place on your server directly. For instance try out for a nice crypto webchat taking place on symlynX's server. Now if only interPSYC were encrypted, too. Maybe it is. Depends on latest developments in Spec:Circuit and their implementation.

See also

If you are interested in developing a webchat, check out Flash, HTTP, AJAX, server push, Comet and the POST superhighway.

There is a neat PSYC client in Flex running at, but it's not freely available.

Also the JavaScript export feature may be of use.