Electronic mail, not physical mail.


Announcement List

We have some mailing lists which can be subscribed at http://www.psyc.eu/email but it feels awkward to step down to such an ancient technology, so we do not really post a lot there. Still, it's a push technology, so if you want to stay in touch, get your address into there.

Discussion Forum

Doesn't happen by e-mail. It is taking place in the chatrooms and within this Wiki.

Discussion on E-Mail itself

The usefulness of SMTP and SPAM are discussed on their respective pages, including the options of doing mail by XMPP or, much better, PSYC. See psycmail.

Implementing mailing lists in psyced

The current SMTP implementation in psyced allows email to be delivered to places using the *place@domain syntax (mailcast). In order to implement mailing lists, psyced needs a way to send outgoing e-mail and either mailto: addresses as persistent place members or nickless person entities identified by e-mail. The other issue with this is multiline messages. How do we avoid outputting them to simple chat interfaces, how do we make them available to multiline-capable clients.. POP, IMAP, NNTP, native PSYC?

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