A general purpose chat client written by Elmex.

First version

The first version of Bummskraut (to be found here) was a simple framework which split up chat protocol backends from the frontends.

The interface basically displays one 'chat buffer' which stands for a chat room/channel or a one-to-one conversation with someone.

It offered the usual features to be expected from a console client: completion, command aliasing, highlighting and even unicode is supported.

Second version

The second version was based upon the PRelay framework, also developed by Elmex to decentralize access to data and information. And also decentralized access to the chat protocol backends in bummskraut2.

The project is mostly abandoned by Elmex due to the work on the Specification.

Third version

The next version of bummskraut will hopefully be a pure PSYC client. The multiple chat protocol support should be provided by gateways on the server.