client for Synchronous conferencing



A few years ago bartman started to work on a psyc client written in pike. Due to the lack of an good looking UI framework and enough time, the client never came over it's console based state. Since csYc is an aweful cool name, the idea of a "special, good looking and intuitive native PSYC client" never died.

In late 2007 I started developing csYc using Flex and Apollo. Great to build a fancy interface, but absolutly inappropriate for a client with one of its main features being embedded encryption. Since November 2007 csYc is undergoing redevelopment using C++ and Qt.


Current version: 0.1 "Progress feels good"


  • Instant Messaging
  • half-baken status indication
  • semi-ugly userinterface
  • contact list
  • Go away/come back

Try it!

There is an unstable 0.1 release for OS X only here

Get the soure

At the moment the code is released under the GPL v2, parts of it may however become LGPL soon.

git clone git://

Or view online:

csYc gitweb


Will use OTR#Off-The-Record_Messaging for the start.


Give me your suggestions, what would you like to have in this client? Open questions? Design proposals? Want to help developing?