Dyskinesia: cross-platform PSYC experience




Dyskinesia is an open source PSYC client written in C++ and Qt's WebKit, which means the GUI employs Javascript, CSS and HTML. The client implements PSYC protocol for instant messaging and chat. Dyskinesia supports OTR.

Dyskinesia source code

git repository:

git clone git://gitorious.org/qt-psyc-client/mainline.git

The source code is under WTFPL Public License.

Building from the sources

You need to have Qt 4.5.2 toolkit (with WebKit module) and g++ 4.4+ compiler to build Dyskinesia (as of 8 Dec 2009). If you have difficulties with the build, update Qt and g++ to the bleeding edge versions. The latest Qt Creator should build Dyskinesia both on GNU/Linux and on MS Windows.

Otherwise try this:


Dyskinesia can be used as 'portable' (it will store account settings and history the directory where binary file resides) or as a 'normal' version (it will store settings and hostory in ~/dyskprefs/ by default).

There are no binary builds yet, 'cause code is in heavy development. But Dyskinesia is already stable and usable. It can be used instead of your preferred Jabber client (if you tolerate its weird interface).

Bug reporting