GNUnet is an amazing framework for pseudonymous distributed applications being developed at INRIA and the Munich University of Technology. The secushare project is exploring how PSYC behaves on top of GNUnet. See PSYC2 for details.

GNUnet offers a lower-level routing, authentication and encryption layer providing for privacy and safety that is no longer given with traditional TCP, UDP or TLS protocols.

You can think of GNUnet being for distributed apps what openssl is for federation: The common building block necessary to get all kinds of applications deployed. With something such as GNUnet commonplace on all computers and devices, distributed apps can become as ubiquitous and multifaceted as client/server and web-based computing is today.

GNUnet is written in C.

1 Source

Available in the GNUnet SVN repository:

svn checkout
git svn clone

2 See also

More thoughts on GNUnet on the page for pseudonymous infrastructures.