Are you excited about Java (Siehe auch ? Well then this may be for you:



jaPSYC is an elaborate PSYC framework in Java containing both a simple server, a chat/IM client called Psycedelic and a few other little apps like a mail notification biff tool. The code even compiles and runs, but it's not compatible with the current state of psyced. jaPSYC implements a whole lot of useful stuff though, so you may find it worthwhile to correct those few glitches.

Download: or git clone git://

You can browse it here.

Also to be performant by today's standards of Java™, it needs a rewrite away from threads into an event-oriented form as recently provided by java.nio. This would simplify jaPSYC a bit, as it is currently implementing its own internal eventing to avoid launching multiple threads.

bartman's mllp contains a small PSYC parser in Java, a lot more recent than jaPSYC and luckily with a working implementation of psyctext().

the psyced applet

The applet provided with psyced does NOT implement native PSYC, because for applet purposes the full-fledged PSYC is usually over the top. It comes with a tiny enhanced text protocol merely oriented to GUI requirements. Here it is:


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