These are the list syntaxes that psyced still supports on port 4404 using the . protocol, but the specification now hast new list syntaxes to show. See Spec:Packet for the details. See also tables for a generalized way to look at n-dimensional sets of data, lists just being the special one-dimensional case.

Obsolete: Simple lists

Currently PSYC supports a list format that seperates elements by NEWLINE, modifier and TAB, like this:

:_members  knuddel://
:          knuddel://

The list elements themselves are still multiline-capable using the NEWLINE+TAB escaping syntax.

This should be applicable to each modifier (then each line would be prefixed by '=' or '+' etc, or even intermixed) but de facto we only use it for ':' currently.

Obsolete: Inline lists

There is also a disputed secondary list format used for keywords. It currently uses ';' although TAB would probably be nicer. Even this syntax could allow for multiple lines, not sure about escaping TABs though.

:_available_protocols   PSYC/0.9:4404 TCP IP/4;PSYC/0.9:4404 UDP IP/4;XMPP-S2S/1:5269;IRC/2:6667

The advantages of this syntax are

  • compactness & readability
  • potentially a table format when combined with the simple lists

The obvious disadvantage being one inescapable character which makes it impossible to put arbitrary data into the fields.