1 General thoughts

being reachable everywhere is no problem since sms came up, but do you know the mobilephone number of everybody? being able to send a message to a psyc unl instead would be incredibly great. basicly psyc could replace MMS and SMS without problems... but there are some stumbling blocks


At the moment, you can use net/wap/login to check your away-messages and send messages using net/wap/msg.

2.1 WAP-Push

To tell the user that he's got a new message, wap push would be great. but since you need to send a SI or SL over sms, it's not free... are there any other options?

sms prices start at 4c per sms to 8c.... what about a psyc-auth based paying service? ;)

3 J2ME

A j2me client could be a slim psyc client, only able to parse _message_public and _message_private + login/logout stuff. using gprs over java shouldn't be a problem, many email apps do it...

does anybody know if its possible to fork a j2me app into background?

4 Winblows Mobile / .NET Compact Framework

<Monkey> I'm no fan of Microsoft, however, my cellular phone has TCP/IP and runs .NET applications. It would not be terribly difficult to implement a simplistic PSYC client in C# that would run on this type of mobile device. It would seem that this has some advantages over SMS, however, mobile internet services are not very inexpensive. My service is $9 (USD) per month for 2 megabytes and $0.05 per kilobyte overage. Mobile PSYC will surely become even more appealing as the cost for mobile internet comes down.