Myspace is discussed with all the other centralistic IM and social tools. This is just a little collection of extras.

More funny criticism:


Myspace Bulletins aren't friends-only


On Myspace, you can send "bulletins" which are sent to all of the friends on your list. That way if you're going on vacation or something, you can let ALL of your friends know what's happening by sending only one message. Most people assume that only their friends can read the bulletins they post... they are sadly mistaken. When you open up a bulletin, you go to a url like the following.

Yes, you guessed it. If you change the messageID number, you can view any bulletin on Myspace that hasn't yet expired. Now, if we could just collect a ton of bulletins, then we could surely find some juicy information like cell phone numbers, when people are leaving for vacation, where they're going... the list goes on and on.

The implementation of bulletins so that everyone can view them may be intentional, but most people assume that bulletins are only readable by friends. Because of this belief, many people post personal details in bulletins, never expecting people like you to read them. The mere existence of the "Delete from friends" button implies that only friends should be able to read your bulletins.

Myspace extension trojan horses

One of the many bulletins that fly around myspace about how extension tools expose your myspace identity to spammers etc etc blah blah blah...

spreading spam in your bulletins? some precautions

I've noticed that there have been a lot of spam bulletins from some of you. I know it's not your fault and all, but there are ways to get rid of this kind of stuff... I think there's more than just downloading Flash Player 9.

1. Do not use any "who's been looking at your profile" junk. That really only shows IP numbers, and at the same time, it will put in a code that allows a hacker to use your account to post BS.

2. Check your friends list. If you're suspicious of someone whom you might have added (without thinking about it), delete him/her.

3. MySpace Profile Editors - I've seen a lot of "Pimp up your page", etc. That's also asking to get hacked. As for me, I used the "Thomas's MySpace Editor" - I never got hacked. I think that this one might be the only truly legit one. I know it's "simpler" than the other ones, but at least it's not going to allow hackers into your account. Truth is, though, it's better than the other ones, because it doesn't put in too many animations which slow down the loading of a page.

4. You might have to change your password every so often, especially if you're one of the many who have been hacked and seen a ton of BS bulletins.

5. If you see any BS bulletins from one of your friends, don't click on the links. If you're really curious, then copy/paste the link into another window.

6. The best way to go when using a browser is through Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer has too many holes in it.

7. "Online Now" animations... I think these might be a problem. Don't use them.

8. If you've taken many steps already to trying to get rid of someone hacking into your account, check your account settings. If you're hopefully somewhat HTML savvy, you may notice some suspcious codes appearing when you go into "Edit Profile".

Privacy, Security, Liability

Let's not ever forget the danger of exposing details about your personal life on a public website. So many details about your personal life and little security/privacy protection can leave you exposed to spamming, spyware, stalkers and undue attention from law enforcement authorities. The vast databases of information, including private messages and bulletins are sought after for data mining by many groups that may not have your best interest in mind. There is little to protect you from liability if your account happens to be compromised, for those that don't fully understand the implications, consider reading the terms of service.

Note: This applies to just about any Centralistic online service, MySpace is not alone here, however, being such a huge corporate-owned site makes it a prime example.

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