Stop consuming bandwidth with RSS readers. Subscribe the news you want using /subscribe spiegel or whatever else, then enjoy how thanks to multicast receiving news in realtime in PSYC hardly causes any traffic to anybody.

Currently RSS newsfeeds are disabled on, but you can set up your own using #define NEWSFEED_RSS in a custom place for psyced. See the examples in /place.


psyced pre-configured Newsfeeds

You can use these by simply subscribing their name. Your psyced will connect the origin of the newscast and arrange for you to receive the updates.


  • AlJazeera
  • BBC, BBCvideo & BBCworld
  • CNET (
  • CNN, CNNvideo
  • DeutscheWelle ( Top Stories and News Updates)
  • EuroNews-EN
  • Forbes, ForbesVideo & DigDL ("digital download" blog of Forbes)
  • the Guardian
  • kernel (
  • Nature & NaturePod (Audio)
  • NewYorker
  • NME (New Musical Express)
  • NYObserver (the New York Observer)
  • OpenSource (
  • slashdot (
  • Spiegel-EN (Spiegel Magazine Intl.)
  • TurkishWeekly
  • wired-tech ( Technology)
  • Wired (


  • EuroNews-FR
  • MondeDiplo (le monde diplomatique)


  • EuroNews-ES


  • EuroNews-RU


  • DieZeit and ZeitVideo
  • EuroNews-DE
  • FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)
  • golem (
  • heise & Telepolis (
  • heute (ZDF:
  • N24 (
  • n-tv (
  • Spiegel (
  • tagesschau (ARD:

There is also a series of stern ShortNews feeds named by category as follows:

Auto, Brennpunkte, ComputerTechnik, Erotik, Freizeit, Gesundheit, Inland, Kultur, Kurioses, Politik, Sport, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Unterhaltung.


  • EuroNews-IT
  • laRepubblica, laRepubblicaAudio, laRepubblicaVideo
  • RaiNews24, RaiItalia & RaiVideo


  • EuroNews-PT

More Newsfeeds

If the ones you want are missing, look at Newscasting to find out how to set them up, then please list them here by providing their PSYC UNI.

Additionally we have some hundred extra feeds coming from polly, psyced's Twitter™ gateway. See Twitter for its listing.

See also Outfoxed


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