Similar to PSYC Authentication, but more complicated and having HTTP overhead.

It has one huge advantage: it's there.

Since 2010-02 psyced has an OAuth implementation which is being used to provide client functions to Twitter and Identica.

Enabling Twitter/Identica OAuth in psyced

For you to be able to use these functions you need register your server with them. Works like this:

  • Go to
  • We recommend using your psyc: server uniform as the app name to avoid collisions with other PSYC gateways.
  • Choose app type "browser".
  • Put something into callback url - it will not be used.
  • Access type: read/write

You will be given a key and a secret for your application to publish on Twitter/Identica. In the case of Twitter, you need to put the following #define's into local.h

#define TWITTER_KEY    "<whateverKey>"
#define TWITTER_SECRET "<whateverSecret>"

Now you are ready to post via OAuth. See Microblogging for the details.