Minimal interface for a client using the old protocol.



These are the things your client may want to send. Parse the results and notifications according to the old specs and instructions in various documents (see Client page) and pick out the things you need.


  • optional: send _info_devices if you have _available_audio or _available_video.
  • _request_link with _nick
  • _set_password with _password and optionally _method
  • _request_do_list_peers
  • _request_do_presence with _degree_availability 8


  • _request_do_presence with _degree_availability 1
  • _request_do_quit

Input line

  • _request_input with _focus and user's typed input in data field

Enter/Leave places

  • _request_do_enter with _group and optionally _amount_history
  • _request_do_leave with _group


  • _request_do_examine with _person and optionally _trustee. Maybe even _format _HTML

Other commands

  • See command or at least use _request_execute_request_do_status
  • _request_do_status


If you're implementing a server compliant to the old protocol, observe the traffic between your existing client and psyced, and provide similar results according to the needs of your client app.

A client should know how to parse and display ANY method of ANY of the standard families. See Method. Here are some hints for the most useful ones:


Your UNI is in _source. _set_password is needed to complete login.


You are linked to the UNI provided in _source.


You may get disconnected.

Other methods your client should understand

  • _message_echo_private
  • _message_private
  • _message_echo
  • _message
  • _message_friends
  • _echo_place_enter and _notice_place_enter
  • _notice_place_leave
  • _status_place_members
  • _list_acquaintance – maybe _list_acquaintance_JSON specifically
  • _list_friends_present
  • _notice_presence and _status_presence

When doing multimedia

  • _notice_composing_media and _notice_composing_stopped
  • _notice_media_publish_done, _message_video and _message_audio