So you are developing in Pike?

ppp and pikepsyc

With ppp and its PSYC.pmod you have a basic PSYC implementation enough to write your own server.

However, the ppp implementation of the protocol is not compatible to the one from psyced. For a fork of ppp which speaks the old PSYC syntax compatible to psyced, check out pikepsyc. There's also glue to run pike with a libpsyc binding, enabling fast performance using the new syntax.

There is however no ready made application that would give you a fully featured, ready to run server like psyced is. Yet, ppp and pikepsyc do a job up to a certain point, and in certain areas they are more advanced than psyced.

psyced and Pike

There has been an attempt to port psyced itself to pike, but it has been discontinued since the pike language doesn't provide all that many improvements over LPC worth the hassle. If you're interested anyway, the bin/psyked launcher script runs a proto-psyced in pike with a working PSYC parser, renderer and a few other goodies. The intention was to keep the decade of experience that went into psyced also under a language driver which is faster than psyclpc, more extensible and with a more evolved networking engine easily consenting for binary data and more, but since we rewrote those parts in libpsyc, this is no longer interesting.