Solid: from XMPP to PSYC

The protocol switch is achieved using the strategy described at

psyced implements this reliably.

See also PSYC as Jabber S2S.

Liquid: from PSYC to legacy

PSYC has a negotiation feature where you can state which other protocols your node supports, such as XMPP, HTTP and SMTP. Since we haven't had the need, there is however no precise procedure on how to fulfill such a switch. Currently it only serves the purpose of advertising other options.

Vapor: from HTTP to PSYC

In WWW we describe a strategy for switching an established HTTP connection to a PSYC circuit and implement the Web on top of a more flexible and latency free protocol than HTTP: PSYC.

Vapor: from SMTP to PSYC

Since we already map several aspects of SMTP to PSYC whenever psyced receives e-mail on its SMTP port, we might as well define a way for existing SMTP connections to be upgraded to PSYC. TBD.