The Group

right now this group contains the following people (everyone willing to research may add himself):

  • el
  • saga
  • the others


The Working Group currently maintains an athmosphere of discretion.

This does not give much protection, as everyone is free to become a member of this working group and will, in the minute he becomes a member, receive every single piece of imformation The Working Group ever got hold of.
Trivia: This is the very same security model the all-praised SSL uses.

Current Research Fields

the following topics have been added to the Research Agenda by an agreement of The Research Group:

  • implement multicast collaborative X Sessions via X forwarding via psyc
  • IR over psyc for multicasting television-, video- and dvd-control-commands to multicast public opinion to several comsumer products (possibly of different models - but that is a field The Research Group has not yet agreed upon)


<el> this is a current research field
<saga> due to the existence of The Research Working Group, this issue is currently being researched upon