Services in PSYC are non-human entities doing some applicative job.

So-called bots should always be implemented as services or native applications or even places. They SHOULD NOT register as fake persons, unless of course the purpose is to fake a person or to act on behalf of a real person.

So far we have been able to solve most problems with custom places or functionality extensions (new methods) of the root object of the server.

See Identification on how to link a service to it.

Linking a _service of a UNI

You can make specialized applications that link in parallel to a main client by providing a _service at linking time. _service is supposed to contain a method substring match. All events arriving at UNI which match this service will then be forwarded to you. Examples are _service _mail or _news or _update.

Example for a service link operation:

=_target    psyc://

:_password  bofh
:_service   _news

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