As described in Spec:Packet:

State Synchronization

There is a set of entity variables associated with each context. They are called the state.

Contexts update their state via the =, + and - operators.

To synchronize with a context one has to send a '?' operator on a line by itself to it, with the _target being the uniform of the context. . You MAY combine this with a method, or leave the method out. The meaning of '?' is independent from it.

 :_target     psyc://

The answer from the state is a state reset packet:

 :_context   psyc://
 :_target    psyc://
 =_list_members    |psyc://|psyc://

Notice the leading lonely '=', which tells the _target to reset the saved state of the _source.

Again, you MAY provide a method along with this packet, should you want to combine the meaning of '=' with the meaning of such method.

Further updates of the state are either sent explicitly, or the changes are transmitted along with regular context packets, such as _notice_context_enter and _notice_context_leave.