So you ask what is this again? Pretty logical application for PSYC really..

You produce a media stream, be it audio or video, be it realtime or programmed, then push it into the multicast network of PSYC. The moment you have more than one listener it already starts being nicer to your bandwidth then if you were broad unicasting from home.

And should for any reason your stream be slashdotted or in other way become terribly popular, then still neither your home station nor your home server will break down because the multicast distribution enlarges the tree as necessary and brings your message out to as many people as are interested.

Of course there needs to be a sufficiently large PSYC infrastructure, be it a large amount of servers or a break-thru in P2P PSYC applications.

Some thoughts

One of the ideas about streamcasting would be to serve up the received stream in whatever pragmatic format a user may need it, like an HTTP stream or even a DCC. This can be done by the home server, a router or even by your locally running PSYC client (el style).

nei says: I can pipe the dcc get directly into mplayer and watch movies that way :)

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