The whole website is a TODO in progress, and each software package has its TODOs, but here's a general list of things we need to get done before we can release a 1.0 (or think of it as a 10.0, considering how usable psyced already is - even while we renew the interserver protocols).

As it stands, PSYC does some things better and some things worse than other technologies. Even though a psyced installation does a good job in production use and everyday life, and has been doing so for a decade now, our list of things we want in PSYC as a protocol, before a serious amount of installations is out there, isn't too long but not too short either.

So here's our techie roadmap to PSYCland:

Things to be done in psyced:

Other goals:

  • In order to achieve psycish visions such as crypto sharing we realized a bytecode-based flagship isn't going to get us there, that's why we are looking more closely at Saikound now.

Make sure the following is working:

  • Friendships (protocol looks imperfect as it is currently. should become a regular context subscription thing).


  • The big keyword naming revamp, implement compact mode and become fully inheritance compliant (all issues depending on each other, so need to be solved together).

After that:

  • We can specify all nice optional extensions one by one.
  • Let's publish a stable interserver PSYC protocol first. Later we provide a stable client protocol interface, which is still optional for PSYC to already serve a purpose in a world full of IRC and XMPP applications in need of a better interserver infrastructure. It is certainly worth separating, as native clients require a lot more than interserver.


We discussed strategy and came up with teams to address the things to be done.


Things done since I made this page.

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