Personal Todo

  1. Implement Psyc Api from the talk page + maybe the one with callbacks as wrapper
  2. create pike module
  3. continue with psycpurple + libpsyc + saikound to enable simple chatting
  4. think of this point

Idea to remember

connecting two chatrooms only for one user, so that one msg gets send to both rooms and msg from both rooms appear in one for the user. should be configurable for each user.

open queries

  • Talk:Amount / Variable
    • pro types:
      • late rendering,
      • early parsing,
      • early validity check,
      • efficient data exchange until rendering.
    • Pro semantic:
      • .. redundance is not bad.. ?
      • a human knows where it could belong .. but is that important?
      • the semantic provides certain rules on how that variable can be manipulated or changed further. Still needs a good persuading example.
    • Against semantic:
      • redundance is bad!
      • yet unknown applications are limited in their types because they might wont fit semantically
      • introduces some uncertainty what exactly deserves an own type and what not
      • no guidelines for how specific or generic a type should be

<lynX> We can leave variable families that we aren't so sure of out of the spec, like I did for many method families... should we call them types, or just use the lesser stressful word 'families', since many people seem to have very diverging ideas on what types have to be.