World Wide Conferencing Protocol

Yes, Grit and I had the same vision. A worldwide conferencing network that actually works.

He took a number of different decisions however, as outlined in a discussion somewhere on, the IRC database problem was resolved by using a NNTP-like hierarchy.

At a later point we even realized, that WWCP does a pretty fine multicast backbone implementation, whereas PSYC very well takes care of all the things on top of that, so we planned to inspect the option of using WWCP on the backend. But PSYC at a point needed a solution fast, so multicast has become a PSYC native thing.

Back to WWCP, the protocol implementation turned out to by nicely binary capable which made it a platform for multicast distribution of multimedia streams.

Too bad some geeks starting using his public server for WareZ distribution, so he had to take it down. WWCP has no protection against abuse to date. Tricky issue in fact.

In part we haven't solved that issue either, and it's a bit sad to have to throw the web of trust and other anti-SPAM strategies at this, but I presume we one day will.