Xchat is a popular IRC client that also works with the psyced IRC interface. Unfortunaly it outputs server notices in the server tab, which means that if you write a command (e.g +friend..) the response will be in the server tab, not in the active tab where you typed it.

I wrote a small plugin to fix this problem. It has the 'Feature'(bug) that it displays some stuff twice. but it does its job.

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get xchat-plugin.h from 

compile with  
gcc -Wl,--export-dynamic -Wall -O1 -shared -fPIC servernotice.c -o servernotice.so

#include "xchat-plugin.h"

#define PNAME "ServerNotice"
#define PDESC "Displays server notices in the active tab"
#define PVERSION "0.1"

static xchat_plugin *ph;   /* plugin handle */

static int outputnotice(char *word[], char * word_eol[], void *userdata)

   return XCHAT_EAT_NONE;  /* don't eat this event, xchat needs to see it! */

void xchat_plugin_get_info(char **name, char **desc, char **version, void **reserved)
   *name = PNAME;
   *desc = PDESC;
   *version = PVERSION;
int xchat_plugin_init(xchat_plugin *plugin_handle,
                      char **plugin_name,
                      char **plugin_desc,
                      char **plugin_version,
                      char *arg)
   /* we need to save this for use with any xchat_* functions */
   ph = plugin_handle;
   /* tell xchat our info */
   *plugin_name = PNAME;
   *plugin_desc = PDESC;
   *plugin_version = PVERSION;
   //xchat_hook_command(ph, "AutoOpToggle", XCHAT_PRI_NORM, autooptoggle_cb, "Usage:  AUTOOPTOGGLE, Turns OFF/ON Auto Oping", 0); 
  //xchat_hook_print(ph, "Join", XCHAT_PRI_NORM, join_cb, 0);
   xchat_hook_server(ph, "NOTICE",XCHAT_PRI_NORM, outputnotice, NULL);
   xchat_print(ph, "ServerNotices loaded successfully!\n");

   return 1;       /* return 1 for success */