Dialog is the special case of one-to-one messaging as opposed to having a multi party conversation.

We at PSYC have come to the conclusion, that technically speaking a dialog is always a special case of a group communication which doesn't deserve special treatment as you frequently end up having the requirement of:

  • Being able to add another person to a 1-1 discussion.
  • Start applying some chatroom logic, like /topic.
  • Need a routing context also to handle SPAM issues.
  • Did I forget something?

Thus, the so-called _message_private and the /query (or /talk or /dialog) command may disappear from future PSYC, and hopefully be emulated in new protocol encoding.

There are still applications on top of PSYC, which absolutely do need a 1:1 messaging interface as opposed to chatrooms, like the normal mode of operation of OTR. These can either be mapped to notices and similar methods, or they can operate on top of dialog contexts which simply won't be useful for any third parties to join.