Profile _format

With the _request_do_examine command the _format variable can currently carry either the _HTML value, which means that you will receive a description fully rendered as a PSYC profile page with style and schnickschnack (HTML over PSYC.. yeah!) or the _surf value, which means that you will receive an HTTP URL to load in a web browser, which will show the same PSYC profile. Should you send no _format at all, you will receive the raw profile description data, just as it is transmitted in interserver PSYC.

You are not encouraged to re-invent the PSYC profile rendering algorithm as it is still subject to a lot of changes, so it is better to have only one place to change (until it is worthy of being declared a standard). So if you like the idea of decentralized PSYC social networking, let psyced do it (you can change how it looks by modifying psyced instead ;))

See also: social networking.