Style Sheets

We use CSS to make our web profiles look nicer for both persons and places. In near future we even plan to style the way the chat interface itself looks.

psycion uses "mark method" and "mark variable" in its ion configuration files (see default.ion) to specify colors for psyc display elements.

bartman just suggested clients should aswell use CSS to do that, and for a moment i thought of using methods and variables as CSS keywords rather than the html tags. like this:

 _notice _nick { border: 1px dashed red }

Very likely to be complete overkill, but I kinda find the idea cute.

Actually.. if every room is allowed to specify its CSS we come up with a quite interesting way to do very stylish and personalized chat experiences. What a thought, let's see if the Jabber people steal it after reading it here.  ;)

<Monkey> This is a great idea, I am already implementing this in my PsycZilla
<lynX> I have extended Create Places with a #define UNIFORM_STYLE and owned places with a /style command so you can specify a CSS file which will be given to you when you _enter the place. Monkey and me are now in the process of finding decent names for the CSS.

See also Friendivity and Text formatting.