Janus: the RelayBot on Steroids

Janus is the Janus Inter-Network Channel Linker. In basic terms, it provides server administrators the ability to link non-common IRCd's as if they were the same flavor of IRCd. Both networks may keep their services, and both networks can be picky about which channels they would like to share, and the channels they wish to keep local/private. As JanusIRC used to say "It is a Relay Bot on steroids."

The strength of Janus is, it doesn't require changes to existing IRCD deployments, it only needs C/N access permissions (which may be hard to obtain since IRC is oligarchic). The weakness of Janus compared to our solution is that we have a nicer user interface for IRC clients since we provide full URIs for psyc: xmpp: and irc: networks within the IRC network, not just for PSYC users.

<coyo> Janus works by speaking native IRC s2s protocol, making it different from most relay bots. It's a very powerful server application.

<coyo> I think Janus would be a helpful emulation layer to assist in the adoption of IRC gatewaying. All PSYC needs to do is speak one flavor of IRC interserver protocol (such as InspIRCd's Spanning Tree protocol, and Janus would translate that into whatever you wanted.

<lynX> So it is gateway reinvented? Who knows why people always need to reinvent things... :)

Possible Uses

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