<Monkey> For those interested: Another scheme that is using URLs for identification:

<lynX> Nice how ten years after the psyc: UNI spec was published on the PSYC website some others are figuring out uniforms aren't all bad for identifying people. What OpenID offers is essentially the same that PSYC Authentication over HTTP is intended to offer (oops, it's in german). Why should you use OpenID when you can have a full fledged multi-application protocol instead? Admittedly what's the use of having thought and documented all of these things years ahead, if there wasn't the power to also implement them and make them popular. But never mind, we can extend OpenID to also support psyc: URLs so it becomes more useful. I can tell that they have detailed out the process on an HTTP much more in detail than we did, that's because we have a more suitable protocol to take care of us being ourselves (being logged in into our PSYC identification) so we only need the UNI to acknowledge a request. OpenID is a lot more complicated than it has to be when using PSYC.

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