The language perlpsyc is written in.

psycpp also contains a parser for the new syntax in perl.

See also and all the other wonderful pages on perl in the world.

Carlo's ramblings

My problem with perl is its implementation of object-oriented programming. It is a lot less natural than LPC's.

Other than that, perl is great.

I thought about alleviating at least the issue of the OO reference syntax in perl.

This is the normal way to modify an attribute in an object:

  my $self = shift;
  $self->{'prompt'} = shift;

I came up with this alternate syntax which makes it more bearable to me.

  my $me = shift;
  $$me{prompt} = shift;

Would you kill me for that? If so, please write up, why. Still I think attributes should be in the local namespace of the class code, with the this being implicit, like LPC does it. instead in LPC you have to do really complicated tricks to get global variables, which actually raises your chances of writing good code.