Implementation of PSYC in perl and collection of applications using it.


the source code

A recent snapshot of a stable version working with the current psyced release is available at

The Net::PSYC library is available via CPAN. Though you might think about just getting the whole distribution.

Obtain the newest version by GIT from

git clone git://


cvs2psyc	- report changes to a CVS tree into a developer chatroom
dpa2psyc	- gateway a newsfeed into a PSYC subscription room
notify		- send presence notification from the command line
psycauth	- authenticate something with your PSYC identity
psyccmd		- remote control psycmp3 and whatever wants to be controlled
psycfilemonitor	- notify changes to the file system in realtime
psycion		- amazing console psyc client!
psycmail	- report incoming emails to the recipient
psycmp3		- console mp3 player with PSYC notification and remote control
psycsyncd	- interfaces PSYC SYNC protocol to DBI (SQL databases etc)
syslog2psyc	- daemon that receives events from syslog and forwards to psyc
tell		- send a message to a PSYC recipient
psycion in an XTerm


read the pod coming with the source. or pod at CPAN


very flexible line based console-client. see screenshots.


Interface daemon between the PSYC SYNC protocol described on Storage and the generic database interface DBI, generally used for SQL.

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