psycd is currently being refactored into a GNUnet service to run secushare on. The former psycd code is quite interesting, but currently unmaintained. The new code is in the psyc and psycstore directories of the GNUnet tree.

1 Old description

psycd is a generic messaging daemon running on each computer, smartphone or other telematic device, accepting delivery and subscription jobs from applications like secure share, routing them to single or groups of identified human or robotic recipients over potentially paranoid routing strategies.

psycd employs libpsyc to generate and parse PSYC packets and uses GNUnet as a lower routing and encryption layer providing for privacy and safety that is no longer given with traditional TCP, UDP or TLS. GNUnet provides maximum privacy currently feasible without losing ground concerning scalability.

psycd is architected like a server, able to host contexts and identities, but in our new distributed architecture this can happen on everyone's own machine, embedded or mobile device. Clients are barely user interfaces which typically connect locally or from within a LAN, although remote connections remain possible.

psycd is written in C. The plan is to have a minimalistic daemon with integrated textdb/psyctext template engine and distributed state.

1.1 Source

git clone git://

1.2 Future

psyced will continue providing XMPP and IRC gatewaying and other features it is really strong at, but pass routing down to psycd for improved privacy – so psyced becomes a psycd app.