For other uses of remote control, see also psycmp3 and psyccmd in perlpsyc.

Allowing an external application to remote control your server

When for some architectural or applicative reason it is useful to have an external app do modifications in your data sets, this can be achieved in a simple as-if-there-was-a-client way.

First you need to gain a status of trustworthy on a PSYC trust basis - this allows your PSYC source or circuit to send privileged packets. Checksums is a possible way to do that.

Then you can direct packets to any entity in the system, like people or places, and send commands and requests to them, that will modify their status as if a user did it herself using a slash command or client program.

For instance, once you have gained trust with your PSYC server, you can allocate a password for an as yet unregistered user by sending:

:_target    psyc://
:_tag       <yourRandomTokenHere>

:_password  telexTheTiger

This might of course still fail, like when the name is already taken, or illegal, or the hard disk is full. So to ensure this request was successful, look out for the appropriate _echo which will carry the appropriate _tag_reply.

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