Method Families

PSYC packets usually have a method, which adhere to keyword naming. A method has to belong to one of the following method families. Each family comes with a default semantic and behavior. Follow the links for documentation of each family.

It is impossible to support all existing methods, because in PSYC it is legal to add custom extensions, derived by inheritance. An application MUST be able to handle all standard method families, and it MUST be able to handle any unknown method by applying inheritance in order to find a known method it is derived from. It MUST also be able to display any text message it carries using the psyctext template rendering, when appropriate.

All packets with a method that belongs to the _request family SHOULD have a _tag attached (see also Spec:Routing-Variables about Tagging).

NOTE: See also _request_context_enter.

Messages and Requests

Information reporting

Failure reports

Data interchange