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In 2001, symlynX chat events based on PSYC prototype technology were twice conferred a Grimme Online Award. symlynX provided the backbone of politik-digital's innovative high scalability online interviews with politicians and at the same time implemented a fifteen machine PSYC server network to host a chat interview with R.E.M. on appointment by MES and MTV, which was an important factor leading to MTV receiving that award.

Were they aware?

Other major users of PSYC technology were or are T-Online, DFB, Gruner+Jahr (stern, GEO, TV TODAY),, TK, Talkline, BILD, LAVA/iXL. Minor clients were ARD Aktuell, Audi, BAMBI Awards,, Cornelsen, Die Zeit, Echo Awards, Eurovision Song Contest, IFA, Initiative D21 (IBM), Kindercampus, Miss Germany Awards, TV1, ZDF (Wetten dass..?).

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The list of artists, politicians, sportsters and other VIPs who were interviewed using PSYC technology would blow your mind. Inspect the site if you think you can handle it.  ;°)


PSYC at the Europe Music Awards


The EMA is the world's largest music awards event, no matter if you like the music or not, and to keep things working under heavy load MTV and MES have been relying on symlynX and PSYC for the annual video chat event during the awards show from 2003 up to 2006. Juliette and the Licks were hosting it for 2006.

During the event: Inspect your regional MTV website for details, or simply enter psyc:// You can even access the event using xmpp:*

PSYC-enhanced EMAs so far:

  • 2003 - Edinburgh
  • 2004 - Rome
  • 2005 - Lisbon
  • 2006 - Copenhagen

Video clips:

Since 2007, MTV chose to donate all their users to Facebook in exchange of an apparently free communications platform.

symlynX PSYC chats at MTV EMA 2005 in Lisbon


Greetings from Lisbon! I am typing to you from the backstages of the MTV Europe Music Awards.. coldplay just rehearsed their cover version of kraftwerk's computer love.. before we saw robbie williams and greenday. Yesterday damon was doing his Gorillaz laser show.

But those were just the rehearsals while we're plugging in all the backstage cameras and getting the chat studio up and running!

Tomorrow we'll be having pretty much all of the event's line-up stop by in our chat studio before they do the regular press interviews - they can't miss it!  :)

Together with the chat and backstage cameras we expect pretty large amounts of traffic, but thanks to the open source PSYC technology propped up by symlynX moderation and interfaces, we're on the safe side. Even if Madonna decides to take a few questions from the internet audience. She's here, in fact she's rehearsing her funny new track right now.

Okay, it may not be your musical taste, neither is it mine in many cases, but if you're interested, here's how you can drop by tomorrow (Thursday):

   Official webchat with video console:
       select your country's MTV site
       until noon: click EMA and "watch" in the lower right corner
       after noon: our video chat console will be the mtv homepage

The other accesses are neat, but they might not make sense without the video:

   PSYC:       psyc://
   IRC:        irc://

This is the third time in a row that MTV relies on symlynX to do the event chats for one of the world's top ten largest television productions. And symlynX is powered by PSYC.

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<colik> hi carlo :) Ich hoffe dir geht's gut... bei derartigen infos kann man ja nur neidisch werden :) viel erfolg dabei :) Und was gibt madonna so von sich? Hat sie im vorfeld ihres wetten-dass-auftritts rumgelästert? Grüße aus stuttgart vom colik :)

<boris.wasmuth> danke für die szene-news aus lissabon. hört sich nach einer guten zeit an.

<pascal.renaux> hey souds like you're having fun great pask

Video chats

Nowadays symlynX does video chats using PSYC over RTMP.