The TELNET protocol.

Accessing PSYC via TELNET

psyced implements among others a telnet server. This isn't intended to become your favorite forever interface to the chat world, but you may just find it useful here and there.

A few things useful to know:

  • When using a classic telnet client, events and echoes coming from the server will break your input line. You can redraw the input line by hitting ^R (Control-R).
  • Some telnet clients (notably the one that comes with windows) do not activate echo automatically. You need to switch it on from a menu. Other telnets require you to hit the key combination of ESC and ] to take you to the telnet command mode.
  • A telnet client is just too raw, you may want to use at least powwow or powtty.
  • Or you have a favorite MUD client anyway, then you know what you are doing.

telnet access in combination with a powerful MUD client can in fact be a very reasonable alternative in the big choice of options, so never underestimate a telnet offering!  ;)

p.s. psyced also allows you to configure telnet with TLS (usually on port 992), but not using telnet negotiation (but you can take the code and put it in ;°)).

Testing PSYC using TELNET

The PSYC protocol itself is plaintext-friendly letting you do a few things by hand whenever necessary. This stands in a long tradition of text-based protocols. The newer syntax as defined in the specification however is stricter on line termination. It will probably require you to use a more neutral socket tool such as nc (netcat) rather than telnet.