Multi User Domain

MUDs are supposed to be multi-user games over the Internet with a focus on text-based role playing and social interaction. MMORPGs have evolved out of MUD ideology and even technology.

The ldmud technology was developed to that purpose, so is the LPC language that came with it. The reasons why this technology turned to also be a good choice for implementing psyced are described in LPC.

psyced is based on experience gained in co-developing Nemesis.

MUDs implement the telnet protocol as an interaction interface with their users. You can typically start out using a telnet client, then find it more useful to use a MUD client which are usually still based on the telnet protocol, maybe with some custom extensions for file transfer and such. psyced does not support file editing and transfer over telnet.

Integrating psyced into an existing LPMUD

psyced comes with a tentative glue interface to allow you to integrate the codebase into an existing MUD.

What you need to do is to have the following tunings when including psyced code:

  • #define MUD
  • #undef _flag_enable_routing_UDP will force psyc to use tcp only
  • #define NO_EXTERNAL_LOGINS if you want
  • #define CONFIG_PATH to where your /local/ is
  • #define TEXT_PATH to where you want to put /default/*

If you need to define DEFAULT_USER_OBJECT or SERVER_HOST, please do so in local.h, not in net.h. This info may be outdated. Good luck.

PSYC as an InterMUD protocol

There has been this one attempt to adapt PSYC to make it work as an "InterMUD4." This did indeed work, but the person who did it got a real life (a child) and stopped geeking around. That's a valid reason. So the stuff is still there for anyone to pick up.

The advantages of using PSYC as an Intermud are quite enormous. Just like any gateway based on psyced you not only get InterMUD functionality, you also get the ability to communicate with any user in PSYCspace or Jabberland, and to use IRC clients for doing so.

Most of the following documents are held in german, sorry.

Other InterMUD in psyced?

It would also be an option for psyced to learn about the InterMUD 2 or 3 protocols, and to gateway or even route for them. Should be pretty feasible. Wanna do it? Can't be so hard to gateway InterMUD 3 into PSYC, since psyced already provides all the technical background for routing.

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