Time Variable Type

Variables of the _time type are transmitted as integers in PSYC.

Idle times are always only approximate (see Privacy for explanation), they are contained in _time_idle and they are relative - because they are a sort of estimate when a person becomes interactive again.

The _time type is for relative time deltas. For absolute time you should use _date.

TODO: Event times like _time_place are absolute seconds since epoch. They should be converted to _date values.

Timestamped Messages

_time_log only appears when you are viewing the output of /log. Same goes for _time_place - it should only appear on /history outputs.

Client programmers: When either of these variables is present, you should not open up windows or tabs for these messages. We had that problem with PsycZilla for a while.. we called it "tab explosion" as one simple /log command created a plethora of chat tabs. you don't want that. it is so very unusable.

TODO: These variables should be converted to _date values.

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