Kol_Panic is Chris Babcock, the administrator of the psyc://asciiking.com and the Judgekeeper of the USAK Diplomacy Judge. He is interested in building applications that employ PSYC protocol as the messaging infrastructure. Among other things, that means working on a Diplomacy game server designed to be accessed over psyc and plans to use HTML over PSYC to implement user interfaces. Key components in his plan require implementation of the Entity Oriented Syntax and the development of rich clients.

This is how I describe what I'm doing with PSYC to my father:

What I'm working on it a specific game implementation that will serve as part of a proof of concept for a conferencing protocol that has the potential to restore a lot of the privacy that is being eroded in the name of interoperability.
The corporate infrastructure provides services, which you use. You pay for that with personal information. The corporations sell that information to other corporations who pass the cost on to you in the goods they sell you.
So if social networks don't need huge data warehouses to meaningfully interact with large groups of people, and data on the network is encrypted so only the endpoints can reliably read it, what happens to that revenue model?