Here's an exciting project that does not need to be built using psyced:

1 Crypto Chatroom Server

Considering that it may be a lot more work to add cryptography into psyced let's consider the option that a chatroom server can be written in just about any language these days. perlpsyc should have quite elaborate code for writing PSYC servers and the PSYC protocol is ready for this (it only lacks in C2S, not in S2S).

Now a small dedicated server for a few crypto chatrooms can afford much better the effort it takes to send a new key to every participant, before getting to the transparent multicasting bit. See the Crypto page for details on multicast cryptography.

This job also requires work on the client side. At least one of the PSYC clients needs to be able to do both public key cryptography and symmetric key cryptography with the chatroom.

<lynX> Only a couple of weeks later I have changed my mind on the trustworthiness of servers, so I'd prefer to design this with all encryption happening in the clients: The chatroom/groupchat server is just a lean binary capable context provider, pikepsyc or saikound for example. The intelligence needs to be built into the clients where a client

  1. generates a symmetric key for a group
  2. sends it to each participant encrypted to her public key
  3. then everyone can exchange messages decryptable by just the intended members

Let me move further away from this. Let me call this Crypto sharing.

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