The SMTP server has the ability to forward messages to places using the mailto:*room@serverhost e-mail syntax. Now If you create places with #define MAILCAST, a room with a special secondary history of received mails will be generated. It even comes with a sweet style sheet for web inspection.

Casting portage notifications

You and your fellow administrators may like to be informed in real time about emerge operations happening on your gentoo linux system. This can be achieved by providing two lines in make.conf which look something like this:

PORTAGE_ELOG_MAILURI="* localhost:2525"

This will configure portage to send its notification emails to an SMTP server running on port 2525 of localhost, which should be a psyced in this case. You can choose a different port number of course, according to your psyced.ini. Having *portage as the recipient address will deliver these notifications into a place called portage. should be replaced by the domain name of your psyced and host. You may of course find it useful to address a remote server rather than localhost.