about.psyc.eu is technically a Wiki.

Since we had some trouble with registration SPAM and haven't implemented open HTTP authentication via PSYC yet, registration is currently performed through a human bottleneck: Please ask lynX for an account by messaging him your email address.

If that's not the question, but rather, what can PSYC do with a Wiki, look at Wikinotify.

Getting started

Much of how to use a Wikipedia:Mediawiki is straightforward. When editing a page you can always open the editing help to guide you.

Best off if you have been doing some Wikipedia editor's work, then you know the tricks. We use a different comment sign convention however. Instead of having to scroll down to the end to see who's talking, we put the nickname in IRC-style brackets in front of the comment. In order to have it autolinked with your wiki homepage (and thus stand out), use the following: <~~~>.

We usually follow the Mediawiki convention of discussing the topic at hand on the related discussion page to each regular wiki page. Just hit the discussion button on the top. Our original strategy of letting discussion happen in-band within the main wiki pages themselves has shown to be too confusing to the reader, but it still occasionally happens.

Should you have questions you can as well ask in our developer room. If it's a complex question, it may be better placed in here.

mediawiki tables

As I always keep forgetting the table syntax, here's a little helper: Tables are enclosed in {| and |}. Each cell is separated by | and even the first cell needs a |, table rows are separated by |-, there's also ! for heading cells (th) and |+ for the table caption. Extra HTML attributes like style or valign can be appended to {|, ! and |-, but you might as well use regular HTML table syntax then. Careful with colors as not all skins are dark on light.

hello exclamation not
next row next column third
1 2 3