psyclpc is a new distribution of ldmud tuned to the requirements of psyced. You can obtain it from

Some things are currently only available in psyclpc. See the CHANGELOG in the distribution for details.


Just a little gadget for localhost users: If your system provides a /proc filesystem, psyclpc can figure out who you are and pass your uid to psyced. psyced will then allow you to login by telnet without having to specify your nickname and password.

To achieve this you need to activate enable_use_authlocal in the psyced settings of psyclpc before you compile it. Next you need to a #define _userid_nick_mapping in local.h which teaches psyced how to map a numeric unix user identity to a local nickname. For example like this:

#define _userid_nick_mapping    4404: "lynx", 444: "psyc"

This strategy could also be extended to other access protocols, but it is usually pointless since your are probably using a client that can log you in automatically.

Idea: The real purpose of this would probably be to authenticate automated scripts like psycmail or wikinotify.