Wikipedia:irssi is a popular IRC client, but since tg started developing irssi-psyc, it can turn into a native PSYC client.

Old syntax

irssi-psyc is compliant to the old syntax common with current psyced installations:

git it from here:

git clone git://

Would be terrific if irssi-otr worked in combination with irssi-psyc. See also OTR encryption, Typing, Icecap, and perlpsyc in general.

New syntax

Then again, OTR is old-fashioned if you can chat over secure share which is a lot more advanced concerning privacy than OTR.

That's what irssyc is for, it's the new native version of irssi-psyc which uses libpsyc to implement the new syntax.

It's designed to work with the new psycd.

git clone git://