Magix has been sponsoring open-source development of PSYC, employing it in the myGOYA Online Desktop project.

SNAFU snafu-40x43.gif has been providing us with server infrastructure for a decade.

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But can any sponsor compare to the time invested by private visionaries?

Active Contributors

See volunteers.

Early Contributors

  • Grit Hiddink - Holland - designed and implemented an alternate chat system called WWCN. he spent a lot of time discussing PSYC and WWCN some time in 1995 AFAIR.
  • Kai 'Oswald' Seidler - Berlin - always aware of the problems of IRC he was always keeping an eye on PSYC, hoping it would soon help address the problems. He wrote the original installer for psyced.
  • Mario 'BitKoenig' Holbe - Ilmenau - one day came up to me and said, I'm going to implement your PSYC as my computer science thesis. The result was jaPSYC, an impressive PSYC implementation in Java
  • Oliver 'ipion' Strunk - Dublin, Munich - around 1995 helped deciding on today's textual syntax of PSYC. now he is the leading engineer at Havok.
  • Stephen R. van der Berg (BuGless - Aachen - not to be confused with Bugless) helped form the concepts of PSYC in a several days lasting discussion in 1991. PSYC is totally different from what he was thinking of as an IRC upgrade technology, but his continous questions and competence helped make the picture clearer of how it has to be done. Later on he became known mostly for his by-the-way project procmail.

Later Contributors

in alphanumeric order..

  • psyc:// - Berlin, Hannover - stepped in and took over perlpsyc, and whenever he encounters inconsistencies in psyced while implementing his psycion client, he starts a discussion until we have a clear plan on how to go about it, then he goes and rewrites the psyced until it does as it should. now he's doing research on future PSYC derivates based on ppp.
  • psyc:// - Braunschweig - without him, we wouldn't have a working IRC access. he's also always good for drastic rewrites and weeks spent hunting bugs. he loves the server side. only. He is now focused on the ppp project now.
  • psyced started out based on an amylaar LPMUD. Soon Lars Düning took over the LPMUD distribution and has been very helpful adding features to the LPC language as PSYC needed them. We learned that short paths to the core of the programming language we are using can be a clear advantage over languages with a much larger following. We went on to fork psyclpc from LDMUD, but we still share code and bugfixes happily.