There are more servers out there - they frequently serve a special purpose or are otherwise not intended to be public. However, should you feel your server to be public, tell us to insert it into here. Also do mention a list of public places worthy of inspection. This is the PSYC way to provide a directory of public places: Everywhere, just not in the protocol.

There is an extra page containing the public list of newsfeeds!

See also software on server software and Team:Server on server development.


Our developer's meeting point is You can access it using the various protocol methods as described everywhere. It hosts the currently most lively PSYC group at psyc:// ( xmpp:* irc:// ).

We also have a list of public places on the psyced website, but it is commented in german. See also the public list of newsfeeds.

Location: Berlin.

The LAVA chat is a webchat community which arose from the ashes of the original SternChat. See symlynX for the story. There are imitations of the LAVAchat on the Internet, but they are fakes. This is the original, since 1997.


The symlynX main server is currently also the beta testing server. We do development against it so we don't mess up an important server should we run into a bug. It may restart without warning whenever we need the newest version running.

community server of, you will most likely find always s.o. in our mainchannel psyc:// (you will autojoin the channel if you connect to the server) we also have psyc:// for programming help, questions and talk.

PSYC-Server of the people. Check out

Most other psyced installations have chosen not to list themselves in here. You might meet them when you come into PSYCspace, or you may not, since some are merely being operated as IRC or Jabber replacements.