A place can be a chatroom, a newsfeed or any other entity which offers some special multicast messages or events.

By default, messages of all kinds of methods are submitted to a place for redistribution in form of a unicast to it. It is sufficient to provide a _target to this purpose. Example:

:_target    psyc://
:_source    psyc://

:_action    spins
Hey, it's much nicer in the living room, won't you come over?

Place command requests

_request...variablesequivalent command
_nick_nick_local (masquerade)/nick
_show_log_match _amount _parameter/history

The _target MUST be aimed at a place (consider however, places potentially provide differing choices of methods). If your request is to be performed on behalf of an identity not identical to the source (typically the case for a client or external tool) you need to provide a _source_identification.

These _requests can be replied to using any method. The packet tags SHOULD be used to detect whether a request failed or to get the reply of the request.